Event Driven Architecture Programming in Lisp Part 2

December 4, 2008

References for our discussion:

Requirements for our EDA:

  • Storage of events to be executed when events triggered.
  • Events.
  • Push/Pull Model.
  • Broadcast of events. One trigger can execute more than one handler.
    • Ex. When User Clicks Save Button, data is saved and the event is logged as executed.

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Event Driven Architecture Programming in Lisp Part 1

December 3, 2008
  • What is Event Driven Architecture Programming?
    • It is the ability to inform interested objects (consumer/subscriber/sink) of changes of state from other objects (producer/subscriber/source) with events.
  • Why use this architecture?
    • There are two reason to use this architecture. One is to loosely couple the interacting objects. The second is that it is best-suited for use in an asynchronous context.
  • What are the components required?
    • A table that stores event-handlers
    • An interface to register a trigger of events.
    • An interface to register notification of an event trigger.
    • An interface to trigger events.
  • How to represent events?
    • Closures

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