Why (defun ugly-lisp-code? () ()) ?

Paul Graham has an essay: Taste for Makers. This essay says it all.

Right now I’ve become very disaffected with the friction found in writing applications in DOTNET. Specifically creating web applications. Not only do you have to know your NET library, but also any other libraries and other sundry tools (Resharper, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, and on and on…). Running with scissors and also juggling chain saws.

What I’m looking for is a declarative language for writing web apps. There seems to be several libraries out there.

Before I can start to implement this declaritive language in my own framework, I will need to get beyond the Cargo Cult Lisper (CCL).

The technology stack right now is:

  • CUSP (Eclipse plug-in)
  • SBCL
  • cl-who
  • parenscript

Why is it so hard to implement in freakin’ windows?


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